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20 x Sparaxis Bulbs (Mixed Colours) Free UK Postage

20 x Sparaxis Bulbs (Mixed Colours) Free UK Postage

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  1. Find a location where the soil drains well. If there are still water puddles 5-6 hours after a hard rain, scout out another site. Or amend the soil with the addition of organic material to raise the level 2-3 inches to improve the drainage. Peat moss, compost, ground bark or decomposed manure all work well and are widely available.

  2. Site your sparaxis where they will receive full sun.

  3. Dig little holes and plant the bulbs (corms) 5 cm deep and 10 cm apart. Just poke them down in the soil, with the pointy end up and roots down. Or if the soil is soft, just push them in with your thumb - they'll be fine.

  4. After planting, water well to settle the soil around the bulbs. Roots and sprouts will form in the autumn. Winter will bring taller growth and flowers will develop in the spring.

  5. When in bloom, feel free to cut sparaxis flowers for bouquets. Make a point of looking at the flowers up close. The colors and individuality of patterns are wonderful.

  6. After blooming has finished for the season leave the foliage in place; don't cut it off. The leaves will gather sunlight, create food through photosynthesis and strengthen the bulb for the future. Water as needed during active growth periods; about 1 inch of moisture per week is a good estimate.

  7. Late in the summer the leaves will yellow and die back as the plant goes into dormancy. Foliage many be removed at this point. Your sparaxis will rest for a few months before beginning the next growing cycle.