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30 x Golden Privet Hedging Shrubs (Live Plants, Small, Containerised) Free Postage (Free UK Postage)

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These golden hedging privet shrubs come ready to plant to form an instant barrier in the garden. Though small and suitable for sending by post, they will grow quickly into a thick healthy hedge that can be left natural or clipped to shape, whichever you prefer. Privet is a native species so it will attract wildlife such as birds and butterflies. The variegated gold and yellow leaves add extra attraction and look absolutely fabulous against a nicely paved patio or a good quality driveway. We send our shrubs out to you in bespoke, purpose made packaging to ensure they reach you in the best condition. As soon as they arrive they are ready to plant ! Simply dig a small hole for each one, place the shrub (once turned out of the pot) into the hole, cover the roots with soil and finally, water well. For any other planting advice please contact us!