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Broad Bean Seeds 'Witkiem Manita' Variety To Plant And Grow Your Own (Free UK Postage)

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Broad Bean variety 'Witkiem Manita' is said to be an early maturing variety, suited to standard and late spring sowings, and can be sown as late as May. It is fast-growing and produces a good harvest of short, well-filled pods. You can buy 50, 100 or 200 grams of seeds with this order. 100 grams is about 16 seeds. Each seed will produce a bean plant, in turn producing many pods of beans to eat. Sow them in pots or directly into the ground for harvests throughout the summer. Broad beans are prolific producers but need to be picked regularly to keep them coming on. Small tender pods can be steamed and eaten pod and all. For podded beans, pick the pods when they reach about 30cm long and as thick as your thumb. You can also shell the beans and freeze them.