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This species of aquatic plant 'Typha Minima' are cheerful plants with slim stems growing up to 80cm in height, producing short cylindrical brown seedheads which can be left on for an attractive display all winter. The 'Typha Minima is suitable for smaller pools as it catergorises under an dwarf species. To plant, place basket with aquatic plant inside, 20cm within an waterbed, making sure that the basket is completely submerged. This order comes with: 1 x 'Typha Minima', 1 x Extensive planting instructions, 1 x bag of 100% natural clay granules, 1 x bag of gravel, 1 x Fertilizer Tablet and 1 x Professional Basket, thus allowing you to efficiently plant and assemble Aquatic plant. You can buy one, two or three Aquatic Plants getting better value for the more you order. If you have any more inquires about this item please contact Cambridge Farmers Outlet.