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Autumn Skies

A cool wind was blowing through Cambridge city centre and most of the newly arrived students, who had earlier been queuing for free pizza vouchers, rushed off back to their rooms to prepare for things ahead. This time of year brings beautiful skies and some of the local photographers are generous enough to post their work to social media sites for us all to enjoy; including this one across the backs, of the sunrise over Kings College, just down the road.

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Quince from Trumpington

Cambridge is a historic place, so it makes sense for us to sell a historic fruit at Cambridge Farmers Outlet. Quince; we are told, is one of the earliest cultivated fruits and must have been hard work for a lot of our toothless forebears. These days we treat it as a delicacy but it's still always well cooked, steamed, stewed or stirred. Making sure not to damage our expensive dental work. Many thanks to Dave Fox, our allotment hero, for providing us with this lot from the southern outskirts of the city.

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