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Crocus Candle to Grow Your Own Saffron Crocus Indoors (Free UK Postage)

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This attractive glass vessel is like a cross between a vase and a pot, with a heavy base, for growing a crocus bulb. It is called a 'Crocus Candle. You don't need soil. Just fill it with water so that the bulb is resting with its base just contacting the water, then roots will grow and dangle down into the water where you will be able to see them. The bulb will develop and flower, using it's own energy stores and be just the right size and shape to compliment the ornament. We will send the crocus candle with 5 free bulbs. They will be 'Saffron Crocus' with this order so you can also harvest your own saffron. It will make a perfect Christmas present or treat for yourself.