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Hebe x andersonii 'Variegata' (Young Transplants) Free UK Delivery

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The variegated form of Hebe Andersonii (Anderson's Hebe) is a small compact evergreen shrub with cream and green leaves and purple flowers from summer until early winter. Like most hebe, it does not require a lot of care once it is established It can be very useful for filling a space in a shrub bed, adding structure around which perennials can be planted. Its variegated leaves help to brighten up the winter garden when everything else can look a bit drab. Our plants are supplied as 2cm dia plugs to plant on in a pot or plant directly in your garden. You can get three, five or six plants. Dig a small hole, put the plug with the roots in the ground and press soil around, then water well. Please contact us for any other gardening advice.