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Pea Seeds 'Kelvedon Wonder' Variety To Plant And Grow Your Own (Free UK Postage)

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You can plant this variety of pea 'Kelvedon Wonder' throughout the spring and summer. It is said to be a heavy yielding and reliable first early variety. Classed as a dwarf pea plant, growing roughly to a height of 60cm and a spread of 25cm. It produces 2 pods per node with each narrow pod containing up to 8 succulent peas. You can buy 50 grams, 100 grams or 200 grams of seeds with this order. 100 grams is about thirty seeds, capable of growing into thirty plants. Vegetable gardening is a great hobby, gives excellent value for money and you can plant and harvest to your heart's content, not to mention, enjoy eating fresh, healthy vegetables.