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Selection of Mixed Hebe (Young Transplants) Free UK Delivery

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There are so many different varieties of Hebe that sometimes it is difficult to choose one. We sell a mixture so you can have a few different types and make selection easier. Hebes are generally, evergreen shrubs which will flourish in a wide range of conditions, and once established, is drought-tolerant, too. Plant them en masse along a fence or path, or to add structure to a mixed, sunny border, and underplant it with contrasting, drought-tolerant foliage plants such as Bergenia. The flowers are a magnet for bees and butterflies. Our plants are supplied as 2cm dia plugs to plant on in a pot or plant directly in your garden. You can buy three, five or six, getting better value for money the more you buy. Dig a small hole, put the plug with the roots in the ground and press soil around, then water well. Please contact us for any other gardening advice.