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Selection of Mixed Ornamental Grasses (Young Transplants) Free UK Delivery

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There is such a wise range of attractive ornamental grasses that sometimes it can be difficult to choose one variety. Added to this, they look best planted against each other. Some form tussocky mounds, some are tall, some whispy, eye-catching because of their gentle movement with the wind blowing through them; and the colours range from green, silver, grey and brown through to red and bronze. We sell a selection of grasses for you to play around with; various sizes, textures and colours, making plant selection a bit easier and giving you the best value for money. Our little starter packs can be the beginning of really interesting garden design. These transplants will grow quickly and can be divided, later on, then used to cover more space. You can buy three, five or six transplants from us, with better value for money the more you get.